Membership: To be eligible for membership, you must be over 18 years of age.

Ordinary membership:

  • At least 6 months satisfactory service in the RAAF or
    • an Air Force of the British Commonwealth or
    • an Allied Air Force – in war or peace or
    • an Air Training Corps as currently constituted or
    • the Australian Air League or
    • are sons or daughters of members, or of deceased former members of this Association or
    • spouses of Association members or of deceased Association members or
    • spouses of deceased members of Her majesty’s Air Forces or
    • persons otherwise not eligible who have, or have had an involvement or relationship with the uniformed or civilian areas of the Royal Australian Air Force or with related industries or activities.

Provisional Membership:

  • Persons serving in the Royal Australian Air Force during their service shall be Provisional Service Members of this Association but until they become members shall not have voting or other membership rights or obligations.

Junior Membership:

  • Young persons between the ages of eight and eighteen years who are members of the RAAF Air Cadets, the Australian Air League or similar youth organizations having an interest in aviation and approved by the National Council and other young persons interested in aviation.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Social companionship and kinship through the membership of any branch or sub- group of the Association.
  • Participation in organized commemorative and social activities.
  • Support of veterans, their spouses and families through the Association’s and Branch Welfare including representation to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and appropriate Government Ministers.
  • Communication through our newsletter ‘H/Q News’ and individual branch newsletters with other members on matters of mutual interest to members and ex-members of Air Forces and Air Force Cadets.